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Insomnia (Mental Health)

Insomnia is a symptom of sleep disorders in the form of recurring difficulties to sleep or maintaining sleep, although there is a chance for it. The symptoms are typically followed by functional impairment while awake.
The disease is mugkin familiar among teens and early adulthood because most sufferers are the people who turned on the stage of adolescence and early adulthood. Similarly hendro (19thn), he suffered from insomnia when stepping in adolescence rather a junior high school class (SMP). He told me why he got a real illness that tormented him, he actually had the disease in favor of his insomnia that he has plek disease in his lungs that makes her short of breath when he wanted to sleep, it makes him very uncomfortable to sleep and finally he tried to open his eyes until it was blown from her bias and bias controlled breathing normally again. After all bias in bias control him before bed.
Actually, the disease was very disturbing sleep patterns because earlier he used to sleep 8-10 hours / day, now with an illness that she was deprived of his rest. He usually only bias to bed around 3 am or 6 am, a very fatal one every day if he's always like that. Usually he just woke up bias at about 11 noon or 12 noon so that he replace the activities of the individual on the other (normal) from morning to night but not for hendro which started its activities from morning till noon, A strange thing indeed.
Insomnia is making him tired because there is nothing to be done at night he usually perform activities such as watching television, playing Playstasion (PS), or playing ball with his friends in the indoor court. Positive thing that he got from this disease is to eliminate insomnia and how to eliminate boredom boredom, he does like the ones above.
Her complaints when the evening when people have started falling asleep is an eye sore for want of sleep is not biased, despite being forced in some way, sometimes the body has suddenly become hot, and most importantly in the complaint he was "Laper" because food would have gone ahead if it's late, "said hendro laugh".
Insomnia is a disease that is taboo in her family because none of his family who have the disease as her insomnia. Of course it is not congenital or hereditary diseases. This disease is a disease that is caused because the individual or because there are other factors that support as experienced by hendro.
He had never done therapy, because maybe he thought that this disease is a common disease that should not be cured. He was hope for the future is to recover from illness and disease insomnia ing his lungs because he wanted to live and sleep patterns are well set up and controlled.
Object: Hendro (19thn)
Working at the cafe is about 2 years.

Use of Internet Technology for Children and Adolescents

Nowadays, the internet along with the pros and cons is very close to human life. Whatever can be done with the internet. Starting from the needs of letters, looking for news, hobbies, or socializing with friends and relatives. Anyone can use the internet, from older to younger children and teenagers are no exception. With the internet they can do the work, ranging from the search for references or anything. Then send it to their teacher. But behind the use of the internet there are many negative aspects for children and adolescents such as excessive use of social networking, online gaming to forget the time, not to mention the threat of pornography that is readily accessible to the internet. Therefore, parents are required to provide a watchful eye on children or adolescents who access the internet. Parents should make their own rules for Internet use. Like putting a computer in the living room, do not provide facilities that enable them to access the internet at will, given the limited time at certain hours to access the internet, and so forth. The regulations are expected to minimize the adverse effects of the use of the Internet itself.


· Internet is actually very good for the child's development because we know the internet, we can better know the outside world the development of not only the scope of the course. For example, we can only get information from electronic media such as television and radio only. However, with the internet we can more quickly access the outside world (abroad) only by a matter of seconds.
· With the Internet also can provide a means of educating parents on their children, because the internet a lot of knowledge-knowledge that the kids do not know then to know.
· Provision of entertainment on the internet is also helping the psychological aspects of children due to the presence of children's internet access to many games that are educational.

· Internet a lot in any use by children under age. Because the internet a lot of information that no special security if the site should not be accessed by anank children. Adult websites are very concerned if children under the age can access it freely.
· The Internet also can take a lot of time if their children have been addicted to an online game, is not uncommon to school children who are willing to skip school because they want to play the game once.

            I think personally, the internet is very in need because every human being or individual will have experience of education or experience about him that are helping others who have not or have never had those experiences. Internet can be said as a venue for sharing their personal experiences often upload them to the virtual world. Internet also can help educate children, adolescents, adults, or elderly, because on the internet we can find out what we want to know something that we do not know. Lots of information is very helpful individuals in various fields.
            My suggestion when the kids are able to access the Internet itself, then that could be done by the child's parents are reminded of the time when he has been too long in front of the computer or go to the cafe, remember their study time, give a sufficient portion of can mengutungkan for children and parents in school and playing outdoors or playing in front of the computer. Supervise and damping them when they were teenagers, because the process toward adolescents is a critical process that can make children become more aggressive or konfrom akn their peers. Essentially watch their friends and social environment of the child that the child will not fall mindset that can harm the child. Especially with the internet that is increasingly making the parent's anxiety will berkembangan their children.

Smoking Behavior in Peer's Cause For Environmental

     Adolescence is a period in which an individual seeking his true identity and his psychological condition was not stable and easily influenced by external environment can have a positive effect can even be negative as well as the teen years can be said of the transition period where a lot of changes - changes that occurred in him as physical changes are very visible.
     Teens never mind familiar with the form of cigarettes, because most of them have tried it and suck it directly. Meaning itself is a roll of cigarette tobacco made from palm leaves or paper containing hazardous substances for our body. Smoking is an activity form and suck the smoke from cigarettes, while penghisapnya said as smokers. Regular smokers smoking in public places are actually very harmful to other people. In addition to harming others, in fact smoking is also very detrimental to the person of the penghisapnya because in putung cigarettes there are many substances that are harmful to health penghisapnya. Substance - a substance that is Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, Tar toxins, Acetone, and Ammonia.
     Many teenagers who smoke in places - public places, smoking behavior arises because of internal and external factors. Internal factors include the biological and psychological factors that influence such as levels of stress. The external factors of smoking behavior itself as a social environmental factors caused because peers are affected. The dangers posed from smoking include coughing, heart attacks, infertility, cancer, lung - lung, even unto death.
Around the observation Environments

My friends call it with the initials DR, smoker since he was 4 years ago. DR is now tread life by 19 years means he has been smoking since age 15 years when he was a class 3 SMP (Junior High School). He talked and sometimes by accident I observed it when he was with his peers who often gathered not far from the residence of DR. He told me he was beginning to smoke, it's because the basic thing is the cigarettes that are tawarkannya seputung where he often met, friend - a friend indeed is a smoker because of the curiosity which haunted him then try seputung cigarette. Prime time experiment with cigarette smoking which he felt was a sense of tightness and coughing when the cigarette smoke into his body. However, DR narrow thinking for the first trial because he thinks may be unfamiliar, it is the exposure it when the negative effect on the other hand he describes the positive effects of smoking are felt more able to konfrom (not unlike the friends group) because of the before a friend - the friend is indeed a smoker, feel more confident because most of the men - men of the view that smoking was a male (Gentleman), not infrequently found those who smoke cigarettes smoked putung can relieve the burden or level kestresan little they felt, smoking can also eliminate boredom and bitter taste when after dinner.
After a few days because they often come together and are always influenced by a friend - the friend to smoke, DR become accustomed to smoke cigarettes. DR usually smoke only where they are gathered not far from the residence of DR, because it was used and dare the DR sometimes smoked after school d even public places.

Behavior can be seen is the smoking behavior of a DR is affected by the environment in which he gathered with friends - friends that really is a smoker, and behavior occur repeatedly - again because of habituation and DR have learned the value - the value of the norm of the stretcher then produce deeds it. So obviously the smoking behavior is caused because the environment affects the individual.


  Yahoo front page contains news that is updated and contains applications that have a relationship with yahoo ie yahoo somerset
From the color of the front page of yahoo does not interfere with the eyes because of the color display is only white, other colors incur as a symbol of Yahoo itself has a purple color and other features of the yahoo icon.
If it had entered into a yahoo account, top view can be changed by changing color according to the wishes of the user
At the top there is a quest in an email inbox is too full to us in looking at the search ktak email. There are also web search box, where you can access the web when you open a yahoo account.
Yahoo mail has just upgraded looks to be more simple.
Yahoo is also much in use since yahoo first appeared in comparison with Gmail
  D is more user friendly when compared to Gmail because it is more easily learned.

Access delivery faster than yahoo mail.
Gmail can access google without departing from the account prior
Color of gmail logo itself, can be viewed in color-color. But the form of Gmail's own writing is less interesting because there is no variation of the text. In the Gmail logo are just color variations with the same shape of the letter box of his writings with Font Gmail.

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Mikrotik is independent Linux-based operating system for computers that function as a router, the administration can be done through a Windows application (Winbox), as well as via remote webbrowser Shell (telnet and SSH). Besides the installation can be performed on standard PC computer. PC that will be the router mikrotikpun not require substantial resources for the use of standards, for example, just as the gateway.
Mikrotik is not required for the installation of additional software or additional components. Mikrotik is designed for easy use and very well used for administrative purposes such as computer network design and build a small-scale computer network systems to complex ones.

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WHEN STARS began to fade

She stars in the darkness of the night
He shone like glow when black
He's not an animal star
He's lovely is not neglected

               He was shining like diamonds
               Stars who wanted to adorn the night
               The dark night
               Dark night
               Holy night

But when the star is dim
Silent night life
Marijuana is a world without
Light and the beauty of stars

               There was no sense
               There was no word
               to imagine
               dim stars